Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Vet Admin Med Bills for Disabled Viet Vet

This is to reveal the truth about the Veterans Hospitals, Veterans Administration, benefits, and what it takes to be considered a Veteran. Most people I talk to are shocked by the reality of some mythical assumptions. I found my treatment shocking and I believe you will too.
Jim Raab

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Doctors Statements

Medical evidence from three doctors by symptoms, testing and diagnoses.

A few doctors notes describing why my illness dates back to and is otherwise to the Vietnam conflict. Some evidence is more likely than not Vietnam related while some are referred to as a fingerprint of certainty.
Jim Raab

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Blog List in URLs

Just to Name a Few.

My Pictures.
My Poems.
My Post Vietnam Army Story.
Screwed by the Veterans Administration.
Just Saving My Photos.
Saving a War Veteran from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
Screwed again by the Veterans Administration.
My Thoughts.
My Handy Work.
My House Photos.
Doctors Statements

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Jimhandy14u has retired and settled down now. The handyman is on a quest to repair his own house and make a home fit for his Queen. Except for my Army blog I will spend more time fixing than writing. I have reconstructed my Poem blog and that was important to me. I have started my Army blog and it is going to be very time consuming but hopefully someone will remember me from my time in Vietnam and aid my quest for PTSD service connection. The blog about my house will as I said come second to fixing it. The rest of the stories will remain untold until my Home Work is Completed.
My pictures

Friday, March 20, 2009

Photo Smart Idea

Basic Ideas about photos and how to save them. For beginners to the realm of digital photography. Learning from my mistakes.
Jim Raab

What I Believe

Just looking inside my head to see where I stand. What I believe to be the principals of my spirituality and some viewpoints thereof on issues the dig deep within and rely on my core beliefs.
Jim Raab


Veterans Need your help. Only you can prevent needless suffering. Please and Sorry about my sad attitude. I know the news media is at fault but angry non the less.
Jim Raab

Pictures of My Box

Box Before
This post is just a few pictures of my box on a lot with a lock and key. I was depressed and ill concerned with the world outside my doors. I had no plans of going anywhere and preformed only necessary tasks. I considered myself camping with a few amenities. This is all before a woman entered my life and changed my perspective. I am now concerned with tomorrow and as difficult as it is turning a new tide and making changes for the better. My intention is to normalize my abode to the extent of normality. It is my intention to be able to enter my home without dismay and find comfort in my shelter. I plan to have a home rather than a box. At age 60 and 40 years after the conflict I will be able to come home at last.
Jim Raab

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Totally Odd Jobs

Jimhandyman is a series of short stories depicting a strategy of survival in a high tech world without writing and reading skills. Avoiding insurance, contracts, licenses, and permits this character survives on determination. Self taught mechanical skills and a scientific approach prove that eventually and given enough time most things can be fixed. Assuming that is, practicality, to what degree, for how long, and question of expense are of no concern. Education of skills by eliminating unsuccessful attempts is a risky business for all participants. Jack of all trades master of none can prove beyond the shadow of doubt the existence of a higher power merely by the survival of catastrophic events and many of which are not comprehended until after the fact. Somehow the results of this adventure prove to be comical in nature and interesting to imagine.
Jim Raab

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Veterans Administration Verses Veteran: “The Catch 22”

Administration Verses Veteran: “The Catch 22”
No such number, no such zone, nothing is in writing to acknowledge my Vietnam Service existence. I was enlisted in a Covert Operation “Radio Research” undertaken by the Army Security Agency. I was granted a top secret clearance that now leaves me without documentation or without access to any documentation. If I had not failed to catch my flight 007 to Vietnam and the consequential record of pay reduction I might have been unable to prove my in country status at all. I have through the assistance of Governor Corzine and a 10 year process obtained a single document indicating my visit to a hospital in DaNang and to this day no other documentation has been made available to me.
I am denied pension for my Vietnam PTSD and brain trauma. Furthermore I was charged for medical treatment for same. My denial is and has been year after year “No documentation to support claim.”
My more recent denials include “The hospital visit itself is not considered without documentation of cause.”
Jim Raab

Chuckle Berry Jim

A short story about a boy drafted into the Vietnam conflict. It starts out cheerful enough until the realization that the definition of enemy becomes more illusive than the jungle combat zone itself. He tries to cope with his conflicts of interest, the untold jungle drug wars, the ignored race issues of that period, and don’t forget everyone is a teenager armed to the teeth in a hot stinking hell hole jungle an yes accident do happen. The timing of the Vietnam engagement is at the turning point of popularity and patriotism is also in question. The dirty deeds of covert operations, avoidable friendly fire, sacrificing a platoon for the good of a battalion, murder of innocent victims for the cause, and what are we fighting for, tear apart the very fibers of dignity, loyalty, and morality.
Jim Raab

Box On A Lot With A Lock And Key

A Short Story About A Long Term Injustice The Veterans Administration Inflected On A Vietnam Veteran And His Family.

The VA sells a house that is constructed on slow-sand to an unsuspecting veteran. The property previously owned by a brick company was exploited for the clay and filled in with the soggy muck leftover from the mining process. The property although stable in the dry season as in August the month it was sold to a would be home owner becomes a slurry bed of muck just a tad bit thicker than quick sand depending on where you stand for 6 months of the year. The house and I use that term loosely is slowly sinking into the ground and I use that term loosely as well. Both at different times the veteran and his daughter are swallowed knee deep in the muck and require rescue before the severity of the dilemma reaches home.

The would be home owner is financially trapped in a box on a lot with a lock and key for thirty years. Day after day week after week year in and year out a thousand tons of muck is removed and replaced with stone two Spackle buckets at a time into a virtual money pit.
If hours were dollars the stone castle would be above ground not bellow.
Jim Raab

Army Security Agency, Vietnam

Army Security Agency, 9/67 to 9/71
Ft Dix NJ, 9/67 to 11/67
Ft Devens Mass, 12/67 to 8/68
TRRS Petaluma Calif, 9/68 to 4/69
Ft Devens Mass, 5/69 to 10/69
138th AvnCo(RR) Vietnam, 11/69 to 11/70
DaNang 11/69 to 3/70
??? 3/70 to 4/70
PhuBai 4/70 to 11/70
VHFS Warrengton Virginia, 12/70 to 8/71
Vietnam War, Army Security Agency, ASA, 509th Command Group, 224th Aviation Battalion, 138th Avn Co (RR) Vietnam, 138th Aviation, Fixed Wing, Beachcraft, Mos, 33-D-20, E 4

1982-1983 Middlesex County College Electronic Engineering

1974-1975 RETS Electronic School Electronic Tech, Nutley NJ

1963-1967 Bloomfield Tech High School Essex County Voc - Tech

1974-1975 Locheed Aircraft Electronic Engineering Plainfield, NJ

1972-1973 NJ Bell Telephone Phone Install, Repair Newark, NJ

1976-1977 Wometco, Channel 68 Cable Install, Repair East Orange, NJ

1977-1978 TheaterVision Projector Install, Repair Fairfield, NJ

1978-1982 Locksmith Install and Repair of Safes Alarms
Card Access Programming Video Surveillance NY, NY

1982-1998 RaabCo Building, Install, Repair, Handyman

My Poetry

Another Poets Poems
This is a link to a blog that contains all my poetry to date. I hope you visit and enjoy my efforts to share some rhythmic thoughts. I have here posted just an Index of Poems to be found in that Blog.

01 Message in a Bottle.
02 When Happiness Hides.
03 Conception.
04 Love’s Endeavor.
05 Ecstasy.
06 Sad Song.
07 Overcoming Yesterday.
08 Slay the Dragon.
09 Deserving.
10 Heaven on Earth.
11 Word of Mouth.
12 Somewhere.
13 Genie.
14 Living in Regret.
15 Time Machine.
16 Sublime Love.
17 Token.
18 Kindness.
19 Summer Nights.
20 Setting Sails for You.
21 Broken Hearts.
22 Secrets of Love.
23 Relativity’s Theory.
24 Waiting Patiently.
25 Love Rhymes Forever.
26 Legalalien.
27 A Shoulder to Lean on.
28 Lovely You.
29 Dances with Pens.
30 We.
31 Dear Doctor.
32 Y.
33 Vietnam.
34 50 Ways to Suffer.
35 Helpless.
36 Why it is What We See.
37 I Believe.
38 Man.
39 Burning Down the House.
40 Games.
41 Golden Rules.
42 Without You.
43 Will You Marry Me.
44 Happy Sad Diagnosis.
45 Symphony of Love.
46 Color of Dreams.
47 Thinking of You.
48 Man Enough.
49 Harsh Terrain.
50 The Answer is Why.
51 Love of Moment.
52 Naked Thoughts Breathless Time.
53 Lonely Hearts.
54 All About Nothing.
55 Good Morning.
56 I Think So.
57 Honey I’m Tired of Waiting .
58 The way back home.
59 Ring in Pocket.
60 Time for Love.
61 Recipe for Romance.
62 Shake and Bake.
63 Spirituality.
64 Across of Lines.
65 Sailor Song.
66 Roses of Red.
67 Take it Easy.
68 Who?
69 Unfinished
70 Something’s Missing.
71 Gratitude.
72 Lost and Found.